AARIOC – The Third Relay Interview Track

AARIOC – The Third Relay Interview Track

There was a time in the past when the multi track recorder (MTR), which enabled recording each instrument on different tracks, was in the center of music creation.

For MTR’s based on open reel, 48 tracks were used in business, and an eight track recorder from SONY was the leading consumer product.

Around the year 2000 the center of recording started to shift from tape to DAW. The number of tracks able to record depended on the power of the PC, which could be expanded, leading to infinite tracks. This gave a huge change to the workflow of a musical session.

In the past, musicians would gather to record one song, but now recording studios are closing, and everyone has sessions at home via the internet.

Mixing tracks such as vocals, piano, and cello by adjusting volume and pan can be a fun process.


That is why.

It is because I know the joy of this process.

The reason I am recklessly thinking of spreading this relay interview into different tracks at the same time.

I believe that one type of media in this relay is the same as a melody of one instrument, or a single note.

I know that the joy of music is created from multiple tracks blending together in harmony.

It is important for each relay interview to blend and create harmony with each other interview.

My lifework is this relay interview, and my last work is to create something huge with the connections created from these relay tracks.

My last work is to create a pyramid.

Currently, two relay interviews “BIASTRA” and ”TABLENOTE” have got on track.


Track.3 has been in my head for years, and is moments before becoming a shape.

I am on a journey to do that.

BIASTRA has more than ten relay episodes, including unreleased articles.

TABLENOTE is centered in Karuizawa, and the fifth story is currently under editing. We are aiming to show the deep joys that come from art.

I am hoping the day will come to introduce the Next AARIOC Relay Episode #1

Heaven is a place on earth with you.

Thank you.

aarioc producer

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